Photo: Waterlicht © Daan Roosegaarde,

Futur I

Conference & Opening

04.11.2021 - 06.11.2021

FUTURE I combines theory and research with artistic practice. While visitors can experience the the consequences of human intervention in nature through immersive means in two large-scale art installations, experts will debate a new charter for industrial culture in the face of rapid social and ecological changes at a kick-off conference.

04.11.2021 - 05.11.2021

Conference IC4 FUTURE

Zeche Zollern, Dortmund

Conference IC4 FUTURE


To kick off FUTURE 21, the specialist conference “Industrial Culture for Future - Impulses for a New Charter for Industrial Culture” will be held at Zeche Zollern in Dortmund. Panels, lectures, and debates revolve around the topics: What are key questions on the road to a diverse, sustainable, and digital society? To what extent can industrial museums as social forums focus on the future issues of (post-) industrial society? Can the digital arts provide new impetus?

Conference IC4 FUTURE

05.11.2021 - 06.11.2021

WATERLICHT / Daan Roosegaarde

Peter-Behrens-Bau, Oberhausen

WATERLICHT / Daan Roosegaarde

The monumental light installation WATERLICHT symbolically shows the power of water. A virtual flood largely immerses the Peter Behrens Building in Oberhausen in blue light and at the same time raises awareness of rising water levels worldwide. In doing so, WATERLICHT questions how we as societies can deal with rising water levels of different origins in a local and global context.

In Oberhausen, the work is set in relation to the challenges of eternity: As a result of coal mining, the Ruhr region has sunk by up to 25 meters. Without the constant pumping of groundwater, large parts of the region would be flooded and a lake landscape of up to 90km in length would be created. Intensive research is being conducted not only into how the water can be extracted but how the heat of the water from underground can be used to generate energy.

The WATERLICHT podcast produced for FUTURE 21 tells such stories of the destructive as well as creative power of water.

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Important information: Parking for visitors to the WATERLICHT event on November 5 and 6 is available in the Covivio parking lot at Essener Str. 66, directly next to the Peter-Behrens-Bau.