Speaker: Kellian Adams Pletcher

Founder Green Door Labs

Kellian Adams Pletcher is the Director of G.L.A.M. (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Innovation at FableVision studios in Boston, MA. A game designer, educator, multimedia producer, and G.L.A.M. enthusiast, Kellian spent ten years as the founder and Mastermind of Green Door Labs before joining Fablevision in 2021. Kellian's work includes games like Murder at the Met at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Mystery of the Megatherium Club with the Smithsonian Castle in Washington DC and the League of Extraordinary Bloggers for the Boston Children's Museum's traveling Asia exhibit, as well as over a hundred other games and immersive experiences in museums and cultural spaces across the US. Kellian’s personal creative projects include the immersive theater productions Club Drosselmeyer and Save the Munbax. Kellian is an avid swing dancer, a vintage movie nerd, and a lifelong vegetarian. She loves tater tots and peas.