ATELIER E is an interdisciplinary studio for creative technologies and was founded by media artists Christian Losert and Daniel Dalfovo.

Christian Losert studied digital media at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts with a Master’s degree in Sound Studies. In addition to teaching in the field of auditory media art, Christian Losert has collaborated as a sound artist and creative coder with renowned artists, creative studios, and scientific institutions on internationally awarded works.

Daniel Dalfovo established himself at the interface between art, technology, and research after his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts. From audio-visual performances, interactive installations to aesthetic research, his works always live and function with and in space. Collaborations with internationally renowned artists, research institutes, and design studios have been shown worldwide. At the same time, Dalfovo has taught at various universities in Moscow, Shanghai, and Berlin, among others.

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ATELIER E. (Daniel Dalfovo & Christian Losert) are developing an expansive light and sound installation for the Kardensaal (carding room) of TextilWerk: phosphorescent woven threads are transformed by laser beams into a score of light and darkness. With the punch card as the control element of the loom, the audio-visual installation LOOM spans the development process of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, which are increasingly changing our understanding of automation and work.

Punch cards were the forerunners of digital data storage systems and, with their binary nature, paved the way for our modern computers. The reduction of information to a series of two possible states thus became the technological leitmotif of the 21st century.

At TextilWerk Bocholt, LOOM uses computer systems to question the changing role of humans as a result of advancing automation. How will our working lives change when technologies in the form of artificial intelligence increasingly take over tasks that were previously performed by humans?

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