Photo: Cris Wiegandt

über Cris Wiegandt

Cris Wiegandt’s artistic practice began with work on stop-motion films. Meanwhile, her repertoire includes a variety of disciplines such as 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation, character design, and illustration. It draws on the richness of cultures, creativity, and imagination. An award-winning animation director and designer, she develops humorous and unique storylines and creates diverse new worlds using mixed media. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, the artist now lives and works in Berlin.

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Is the use of wood for paper production still justifiable in light of climate change? With this question in mind, artist Cris Wiegandt is developing a spatial installation for Papiermühle Alte Dombach with a speculative approach to the subject of cellulose. In the form of a “what if” scenario, she is designing a composter in which mutated bacteria transform plastic into a new kind of cellulose. The interactive animated film, which is also enhanced by augmented reality elements, shows the potential of speculative design.

From climate change to space exploration, the field of “Material Ecology” offers new opportunities to respond to current problems and issues inspired by nature. Accordingly, almost any biomass can be converted into biomaterials that can be used for a variety of purposes. Inspired by the bacterial strain Pseudomonas, which can attack and biodegrade polyurethane plastic using highly specific enzymes, Cris Wiegandt speculates on possible solutions to two problems of the future: the challenge of raw material scarcity and the environmental impact of plastic overproduction.

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