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Copyright © FLIGHTGRAF / Photo by Syuhei Miyanaga

FLIGHTGRAF is an artist duo from Tokyo, creating audiovisual installation artworks since 2013. Her work focuses on façade projections that bring buildings to life through animations, immersive sound compositions, and interactive lighting elements. FLIGHTGRAF received numerous awards in international competitions such as Circle of Light in Russia, Genius Loci Weimar in Germany and iMAPP in Romania. The team consists of visual artist Kento Tomiyoshi and sound designer Makoto Shozu.

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Photo: FLIGHTGRAF, 230 Millionen + 1, Foto: DerKrüger Fotografie

FLIGHTGRAF transforms the facade of Tuchfabrik Müller into a giant projection screen. The title of the project 230 Millionen + 1 refers to the
number of new garments that are discarded without being worn each year from
fashion stores in Germany. This incredible number and its consequences for people, resources and the environment are interwoven in the interplay between the architecture of the cloth factory, sounds, and images to create a visually powerful story.

Starting from the threads of looms, FLIGHTGRAF’s sensual abstract animation describes the beauty of textiles and the way they are made. At the same time, a threatening future scenario emerges in which mass consumption is causing resource consumption to rise immeasurably.

Tuchfabrik Müller continues the discourse on consumer behavior during FUTURE 21 in the special exhibition “Must have”. In addition to a critical look at the history of consumption, current trends such as sharing, upcycling, and minimalism are presented.

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