über Johanna Reich

Johanna Reich (1977) studied free art at the Kunstakademie Münster, at the HfBK and graduated in media art at the Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne. She has been awarded the Förderpreis des Landes NRW für Medienkunst, the Konrad von Soest Preis and the Nam June Paik Award, among others. Her work is represented in numerous exhibitions and collections such as the Goetz Collection Munich, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and the Jerry Speyer Collection, New York. Since 2020, Johanna Reich has held a substitute professorship at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.

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Based on the history of paper, Cologne-based artist Johanna Reich speculates on where our society is headed as the medium for writing changes. What happens to the memory of our culture when it becomes more immaterial in the course of digitalization? She transforms this critical reflection on digital media into an expansive multimedia installation in which visitors can immersively relate to the artistic discourse.

As part of the group FUTURE_progress, Johanna Reich’s work explores the question of whether in the future our historiography will drown in the mass of information. Our culture is deeply rooted in scripture on which history writing and the past are based. Printing not only changed our cultural understanding, but also shaped our society, generated knowledge, and enlightened us. Using Papiermühle Alte Dombach as an example, the artist explores the role of museums as important future entities that select, categorize, and explore what memory might look like in our culture.

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