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Kasia Molga is a Polish-English design fusionist: artist, coder, environmentalist, storyteller, and tinkerer. She challenges the impact of technology on the natural environment and its role in our relationship with “non-human actors”. She crosses disciplines to communicate complex ideas through tangible, multi-sensory, hybrid installations. Her work is exhibited worldwide, including at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, V&A Museum in London, MIS in São Paulo, as well as on the occasion of Ars Electronica in Linz and Dutch Design Week.

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Positively Charged: Heartbeats

Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels, Engelskirchen

The interactive work Positively Charged by artist Kasia Molga deals with existing and future possibilities of energy generation. Visitors to the Ermen & Engels power plant are invited to use their bodies to generate energy and power the light and sound installation. The central question is whether the human body will be able to produce enough energy in the future to meet individual power consumption needs.

In direct exchange with local students in the form of a workshop, Positively Charged addresses in particular the individual questions of a young generation on the subject of energy and raises awareness of our increased energy consumption. Together with the young people, she speculates on new technologies for generating energy, inspired by scientific research on thermoelectric generators. At the heart of Positively Charged’s artistic and playful research is resource-efficient energy efficiency.

In a second work in the Turbine Cellar, the artist, taking her own approach to personal grief as a starting point, explores the question of whether the human body could be the beginning of an external ecosystem. For How to make an Ocean, Kasia Molga fills tiny glass vessels with tears and lets algae grow in these miniature oceans.

How to make an Ocean is presented in collaboration with NEW NOW.

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