Photo: Pluriversum © Parisa Karimi

über Parisa Karimi

The work of filmmaker and artist Parisa Karimi is always preceded by site-specific research along postcolonial and power-critical lines. Using interactive interfaces, projection mapping and sound, she creates experiential spaces that combine documentary elements with fiction and animation.
Karimi’s works have been screened and awarded at international festivals, including the European Mapping Festival/FR, LPM/I, VISIO/BR, the European Short Film Festival MIT/USA, and the Environmental Arts Festival/IR. Her solo exhibitions include digging.connecting.becoming. (2020), x_topia (2019), and Kartographierte Impulse einer Bewegung (2016).

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Parisa Karimi is designing an immersive projection mapping for the façade of the Textilfabrik Cromford mansion. In this work, the media artist and director critically examines the concept of progress in industrial modernity and traces the consequences of the constant striving for growth. The site-specific work interweaves archival footage, set pieces of retold history, fictional elements, and animation to create a multi-perspective narrative of image and sound.

From a postcolonial perspective, Parisa Karimi refers to the history of the site and to today’s cotton and textile industries. In addition, she invites residents of Ratingen to develop speculative narratives together. Her projection interweaves different narrative threads that audiovisually transform the space: In it, the hearing and visibility of marginalized voices and their stories are just as important as those of international activists who question the interpretive power and prosperity of the global North.

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