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Simone Glück is a designer with a focus on interface and experience design. With great attention to detail, she combines design, interaction, and animation. She has been working in the creative field for more than eight years. Her focus is on addressing marginal issues that have received too little attention. Her final project “Plasicaeum” was awarded with the golden ADC Junior Awards and the DDC University Award. Since 2020, she has been working at the Viennese digital agency wild.

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The cultural scientist Svenja Jessen has been supporting educational projects and exhibitions as a freelance author since 2017. Previously, she designed and supervised interactive exhibitions and projects in the field of education for sustainable development for Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (German Federal Foundation for the Environment) and for the Grundschulverband e.V. (Primary School Association). Since 2020, she has been a research associate at the Institute for Material Culture at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. The focus of her research is the significance of the materiality of textile mediation practice for education with regard to sustainable development.

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Scientific consultation: Prof. Dr. Heike Derwanz for Mediation of Material Culture at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

Since April 2017, Heike Derwanz has been Junior Professor for the Mediation of Material Culture with a focus on transculturality at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. Her research interests include cultural anthropology of textiles/fashion and clothing/textile practices and anthropology of economic practices. Her research projects include “Clothes in Affluence. How Fast Fashion Changed Our Relationship with Clothes” (starting in 2014) and “Textil-MinimalistInnen. Pioniere nachhaltiger Praxis”, or “Textile Minimalists. Pioneers of Sustainable Practice”, (starting in 2017). She works as the project coordinator of the interdisciplinary research initiative “Low-Budget-Urbanität”, or “Low-Budget Urbanity”, at HafenCity University Hamburg.

For Textilfabrik Cromford’s newly designed permanent exhibition designer Simone Glück will create an artistic-media application with an interactive interface in collaboration with author Svenja Jessen. The central theme is cotton as a raw material. Cotton came to Ratingen under the auspices of colonial trade relations. From an interdisciplinary perspective, the installation conveys historical and contemporary contexts surrounding the environmental and social impacts of the cotton, textile, and fashion industries.

The museum thus reflects the global integration of the textile factory into the international cotton trade from an interdisciplinary perspective. Simone Glück’s interface design reveals the network-like connections between the multi-layered facets of the subject. Short, anecdotal texts by Svenja Jessen provide information on the colonial background of cotton cultivation as well as on the traces of colonial history that are still visible today in unfair supply chains, exploitation, and environmental pollution in the so-called “low-wage countries”.

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