Schiffshebewerk Henrichenburg


Schiffshebewerk Henrichenburg (Henrichenburg Ship Lift) was already a place of progress at the time of its construction. The innovative balance technology for raising and lowering ships was first successfully tested there in 1899, at the opening of the Dortmund-Ems Canal. The museum is located in Schleusenpark Waltrop (Waltrop Lock Park), which is still a logistically important hub for freight transport. It poses questions about the present and future of inland navigation and the working environment of employees in this industry.

Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln


Futur III | 26.03.2022 - 02.04.2022

Students of 3D animation and dramaturgy at the Academy of Media Arts (Kunsthochschule für Medien - KHM) in Cologne are transforming the facade at the headwaters of Schiffshebewerks Henrichenburg into a space of artistic speculation and reflection. The front of the two stone towers and the steel truss construction of the old lift form the surface for a jointly developed projection by the art and film students, which critically examines the paradigm of progress of industrial modernism.

Once a political prestige project of the German Empire and a logistically indispensable hub, the ship lift stood for Prussia’s economic strength and future, representing economic and political power. Control over logistics networks, whether for physical goods or digital data traffic, is of immense importance now more than ever. The students of the KHM are tackling the connection between infrastructure, logistics, and power and translating their artistic examination into an immersive projection mapping. Further works by the students will be on display in the hold of the museum ship “Ostara”.


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